Spring 2021 Newsletter

Over the last few months, significant progress has been made on two studies the MPO is actively working on to identify a new I-65 interchange in the southern part of the County and another on short-range efficiency modifications to GO bg’s transit service. Each study is getting nearer to completion and final recommendations from the consultants-,Michael Baker International, after a long public-input process that’s been successful and enlightening.


With more than 100 participants in the virtual public meeting held on March 16t and more than 600 surveys provided online, the I-65 study has garnered plenty of interest from residents of Plano all the way to Richpond. With many good comments from the public regarding traffic considerations, land use, environmental concerns, and more, the study has made a robust attempt to make sure the community’s voices are heard. After taking in all of the public comment, imminent intentions to analyze that data and formulate a recommendation are coming soon. From there, we will all wait and see how it is potentially incorporated into long-range transportation plans for the region.


Concurrently, the transit study also just moved through the public input phase. While survey results and input through its own public meeting didn’t match the numbers from I-65, there was great participation through direct surveys of local industry/program leaders, GO bg drivers, and the bus passengers themselves. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how important transit is even in smaller communities like Bowling Green. As this article points out, though, many Americans across the Southeast don’t have vehicles and rely solely on transit for their transportation needs. Whether it’s elderly folks, the disabled, disadvantaged populations, or even essential workers during the pandemic, it’s key to figure out a way to get people efficiently and effectively where they need to go. The hope is that the recommendation from the study will keep the proverbial- and literal- wheels turning.