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Meeting Date:Agendas:Minutes:Staff Reports:
September 19, 201909-19-2019Amend DPC: 0 Elrod Road
Amend DPC: 0 & 7017 Cemetery Road
Rezone: 6309 Russellville Road
Zone Change and Variance: 0 & 1640 Curd Drive
Zone Change: 0, 1032, 1028 & 1024 Kenton Street and 1033, 1031, 1027 & 1023 Greenwood Alley
Rezoning: portion of 8984 Scottsville Road and 0 Jerome Drive and 0 Wilson Road
September 5, 201909-05-2019Amend DPC: 5851 Scottsville Road
Zone Change: portion of 9136 Porter Pike
Zone Change: 8095 Smiths Grove-Scottsville Rd
Zone Change: portion of 2929 Smallhouse Road
Zone Change: 6309 Russellville Road
August 15, 201908-15-201908-15-2019RWC - WKU Student Life
DPC Amendment - Block 5
Zone Change: 1347 Woodburn-Allen Springs Road
Zone Change & Variance: Corner of Whispering Hills and Russellville Road
August 1, 201908-01-201908-01-2019Zone Change: 161 Petty Road
Amend DPC - 0 Nashville Road, 441 & 442 Bourban Street
July 18, 201907-18-201907-18-2019Rezoning: Corner of Claypool-Boyce & H.E. Johnson Rd
Rezoning: Corner of New Cut Rd & H.E. Johnson Rd
Rezoning: 0 Cooper Dearing Road
Rezoning: 8093, 8123 & 8241 Louisville Rd
Rezoning: 0 & 1854 Three Springs Road
Rezoning: 0 Elrod Road
June 20, 201906/20/201906-20-2019Zone Change and Variance: 2371 Plano Road
June 6, 201906-06-201906-06-2019Zone Change & Variance - Corner of Whispering Hills Blvd and Russellville Rd
Amend DPC - 1115 Fairview Ave
Zone Change: 4031 Old Scottsville Rd
Zone Change: corner of Mt. Olivet and Mt. Olivet - Girken Rd
Amend DPC - Corner of Cumberland Trace Road and 165 Old Scottsville Rd
May 16, 201905-16-201905-16-2019FLUM and Zone Change: 1237 Old Dearing Road
Zone Change: 0 Dishman Lane
FLUM & Zone Change: 5530 Woodburn-Allen Springs Rd
April 18, 201904-18-201904-18-2019Zone Change: 2071 Goshen Church South Road
Zone Change: 0 Orange Ct
Zone Change: Elrod Road
April 4, 20194-04-201904-04-2019 Zone Change: 1850 Blue Level Road
Zone Change: 1328 Adams Street
March 21, 2019 DPC - 603 Old Morgantown Rd
March 7, 201903-07-20193-7-2019FLUM & ZC: Corner of Bristow Rd and Red Pond Rd
Zone Change: 860 Glasgow Rd
Zone Change: 0 Shaker Mill Road
Zone Change: 1350 Matlock Road
February 21, 20192-21-201902-21-2019Zone Change: 618 Lovers Lane
Zone Change: 3385 Old Nashville Road Loop 1
Zone Change: 0 Nashville Road
Zone Change: 0 Memphis Junction
February 7, 2019
02-07-201902-07-2019FLUM & Zone Change: 0 Veterans Memorial Lane & 2337 Russellville Road
January 17, 201901/17/20191-17-2019Zone Change: 0 Campbell Lane
Amend Development Plan Conditions: 275 Collett Road
FLUM & Zone Change: 0 Three Springs Road
January 3, 201901-03-201901-03-20192019-01-Z-BG: 0 Campbell Lane
December 20, 201812-20-201812-20-20182018-55-Z-CO: 987 Briggs Hill Road
2018-12-DP: Various Properties in Mt. Victor Olde Towne
2018-59-Z-CO : 0 Elrod Road
2018-16-FLUM & 2018-58-Z-CO: 0 Matlock Road (portion)
2018-56-Z-BG: 640 East 3rd Ave
November 15, 201811-15-1811-15-2018Right-of-Way Closing: Portion of the old Kentucky Street
Development Plan Amendment: 718 and 736 South McElwain Road
Development Plan Amendment: 1305, 1355, & 1405 Veterans Memorial Lane and 104 New Bond Way
November 1, 201811/01/1811-01-2018Zone Change: 377 McLellan Road
Zone Change: 3031 Nashville Road
October 18, 201810-18-1810-18-18Development Plan Amendment: Hub Boulevard/Lovers Lane
Zone Change and Variance: 604, 610 & 618 South Main Street
Zone Change: 1000 North Hewitt Road
Zone Change: 9877 Nashville Road
Zone Change: 687 Carter-Sims Road
October 4, 201810-04-1810-04-18Zone Change: 2670 Bill Dedmon Rd.
FLUM: 604, 610 & 618 S. Main St.
September 20, 201809-20-1809-20-18Zone Change: 0 Three Springs Rd. (Portion)
FLUM/Zone Change: 3850 Hunts Bend Rd.
FLUM/Development Plan Amendment: 0 Morgantown Rd & 1848 Morgantown Rd.
Zone Change: 0 Skees Rd.
September 6, 201809-06-1809-06-18Zone Change: 0 Scottsville Rd.

Public Hearing Rules of Conduct

Pursuant to Section 7.2.k of the Planning Commission’s By-Laws, public hearings will operate under the
following guidelines:

  • Staff Presentation – No time limit – Cross examination or questions pertaining to the Staff Report or
    applicable regulations can follow
  • Applicant’s Opening Presentation and Presentation of Witnesses – 15 Minutes – Cross examination or
    questions can follow related to the presentation
  • Represented Public or Opposition’s Opening Presentation and Presentation of Witnesses – 15 Minutes – Questions or cross examination can follow related to the presentation
  • Individual Public Comment – 3 Minutes – Redundant comments will be limited but there is no limit on
    the number of persons wishing to speak
  • Closing Arguments – 3 Minutes for Applicant and/or Public Spokesperson

The Planning Commission Board

The City-County Planning Commission includes twelve (12) citizen members appointed to four year terms. The Mayor of Bowling Green appoints four members, the Warren County Judge-Executive appoints four members and the Mayors of Plum Springs, Oakland, Smiths Grove and Woodburn appoint one member each. Please click the about tab to learn more about what all is under the umbrella of the CCPC organization.


The twelve planning commissioners have oversight of staff and budget, are the administrative body that implements the community’s vision based on the Comprehensive Plan, and advises the governmental bodies on land use and policy Issues. While the Planning Commission as an organization and the planning commission as a board are the same, the largest amount of board activity typically seen on television usually involves public hearings and making recommendations on zone changes, future land use, right-of-way closings and other application specific requests. For rezonings, the commissioners hear a case, make a decision in the form of a recommendation, and then pass that recommendation on to the appropriate legislative body for final approval. Some decisions such as future land use map amendments are final action by the planning commission. There are usually some organizational business items (financial reports, personnel actions, project updates, etc.) either toward the beginning or end of each meeting.

Planning Commission Members

Velma Runner

Warren County

Tim Huston

Warren County

Mary Belle Ballance


Sandy Clark

Plum Springs

Greg Gay

Bowling Green

Tim Graham

Warren County

Eric Madison


Albert Rich

Smiths Grove

India Unseld

Bowling Green

Mary Vitale

Bowling Green

Christiaan Volkert

Warren County

Dean Warren

Bowling Green

Hamp Moore

Planning Commission Attorney