All Design Review Board meetings are now held in the Warren County Courthouse Fiscal Court Room, 429 East 10th Avenue across the street from Bowling Green City Hall, unless otherwise noted.

What is the Design Review Board?

The Urban Growth Design Review Board provides technical oversight in the implementation of the development standards for any adopted Urban Growth Overlay District. The Board reviews Overlay Development Plans for proposals in adopted Urban Growth districts. Throughout the zoning ordinance the Urban Growth Design Review Board is referred to as either the “Design Review Board” or “The Board”.


The Urban Growth Design Review Board shall be composed of seven (7) members, of which, three (3) are appointed by the Warren County Judge/Executive with approval by the Warren County Fiscal Court and four (4) members appointed by the Mayor of the City of Bowling Green with approval by the Bowling Green Board of Commissioners.


Two of the members should be licensed, certified, or employed in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, planning, or design.  Each member serves a staggered two (2) year term.

Agendas, Minutes & Staff Reports

For upcoming meetings click here to see tentative agendas and preliminary information.

For meeting information over one year old, please contact our office.

Meeting Date:Agendas:Minutes:Staff Reports:
February 21, 20242-21-2024 ODP-01-2024 (REVISED) - Pinnacle Financial Partners - 466 Hazen Court
ODP-02-2024 - Greenview FSER c/o Greenhills Development Partners, LLC- Corner of Lovers Lane, Frist Boulevard and Hazen Court

ODP-03-2024 - Greenhills Development Partners, LLC & MKB Real Estate Holdings, LLC - Southeast Corner of Lovers Lane and Natchez Trace Avenue
January 17, 20241-17-2024 ODP-01-2024 - Pinnacle Financial Partners - 466 Hazen Court
December 20, 202312-20-202312-20-2023General Discussion - Stuart Kirby Indoor Self-Storage facility - vacant parcel between 820 Lovers Lane and 722 Lovers Lane
October 18, 202310-18-202310-18-2023General Discussion - WaWa Fueling Station and Convenience Store - Corner of Lovers Lane / Olde Towne Blvd
April 19th, 202304-19-202304-19-2023ODP-01-2023 - Lovers Lane One Stop c/o Mrinal Mullick, Kamal Singh and Aman Patel and Bipin Patel - 1056 Lovers Lane
ODP-11-2022 - The Spartan Garage c/o Robert Bowden III - 980 Lovers Lane
March 15th, 202303-15-202303-15-2023ODP-01-2023 - Mrinal Mullick, Kamal Singh, and Aman Patel - 1056 Lovers Lane
January 18, 202301-18-2023ODP-01-2023 - The Spartan Garage, c/o Robert Bowden III - 980 Lovers Lane
December 21, 202212-21-202212-21-2022ODP-12-2022 - American Bank & Trust - 531 Lovers Lane
ODP-13-2022 - Vat, II, LLC - 0 Washington Avenue & 0 Lafayette Lane
September 21, 202209-21-202209-21-2022ODP-10-2022 - Dr. Spencer Wright and Franklin Bank & Trust c/o Alex Downing
July 20, 202207-20-202207-20-2022ODP-08-2022 - Everest KY Properties, LLC, c/o Paresh Patel - 646 Lovers Lane
ODP-09-2022 - TCP Properties, LLC and Next Phase, LLC - 160 & 216 Old Lovers Lane
June 15, 2022 (cancelled, items postponed to future meeting) 06-15-2022ODP-08-2022 Everest KY Properties, LLC, c/o Paresh Patel - Traditions Boulevard/Hunt Village
May 18, 202205-18-202205-18-2022 ODP-06-2022 - A Himalaya KY2 Properties LLC - 173 Traditions Blvd
ODP-07-2022 – Sevenplus, LLC – 147 & 163 Hunt Village Lane
April 20, 2022April 20, 202204-20-2022ODP-04-2022 - Mount Victor Homes, LLC - 562 Old Lovers Lane
ODP-05-2022 - New Millenium Real Estate - Traditions Lot 47
March 16, 2022March 16, 2022March 16, 2022ODP-02-2022 - The HUB at Lovers Lane, LLC c/o David Chandler and B.L. Bennett and Associates, Inc. c/o Brent Easley
ODP-03-2022 - The HUB at Lovers Lane, LLC c/o David Chandler and B.L. Bennett and Associates, Inc. c/o Brent Easley

Urban Growth Overlay Area

To encourage originality, flexibility, innovation in site planning and development, and vehicular and pedestrian circulation, including the architecture, landscaping and graphic design of proposed developments in relation to the area as a whole.

Urban Growth Design Review Board

David Sowders

Warren County

Alice Ford

Vice Chair

Warren County

Russell Brown

Bowling Green

Gregory Seaton

Bowling Green

John Simms

Bowling Green

John P. Williams

Bowling Green


Warren County

Hamp Moore