What is Board of Adjustments?

The City-County Board of Adjustments is a Joint City-County Board serving all of Warren County. Its main purpose is to add equity and balance to the Zoning Ordinance by addressing special and unique situations. The Board’s powers and duties are mandated and set forth in KRS Chapter 100.217 and the 2001 Zoning Ordinance.


  1. Hear and decide variances to the dimensional requirements set forth in the Zoning Ordinance.
  2. Hear and decide conditional use applications for certain uses within zoning districts.
  3. Hear and decide appeals from any order, requirement, decision, or action of any zoning official with respect to the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance.

Agendas, Minutes & Staff Reports

Meeting Date:Agendas:Minutes:Staff Reports:
August 8, 201908-08-2019Waiver: 1839 Mount Olivet-Girkin Rd
Variance: 212 Grassland Court
Variance: 6449 Nashville Rd
CUP: 479 Penns Chapel Rd
CUP: 1303 E. 13th Ave
CUP: 3460 New Cut Road
July 11, 201907-11-201907-11-20192019-V-16 - 1404 Eastland Street
2019-V-15 - 2830 Detour Road
2019-C-15 - 3210 Porter Pike
2019-C-14 - 725 Smith Way
2019-V-17 - 1214 Ashley Circle
June 13, 201906-13-20196-13-2019Waiver - 2829 Plum Springs Rd
Variance - 3622 Silver Sun Drive
CUP & Waiver - 396 Blue Level Road
CUP - 586 & 850 Sledge Road
CUP - 348 W. 10th Ave
CUP - 310 Lowe Avenue
May 9, 201905-09-201905-09-2019CUP: 5016 Smiths Grove Scottsville Rd
CUP: 7468 Russellville Rd
Variance: 1730 Karen Circle
CUP: 2370 & 2380 Mt. Lebanon Road
CUP: 2715 Baker Place
April 11, 201904-11-201904-11-2019Variance: 2201 Scottsville Road
Variance: 404 US 31W Bypass
Variance: 163 Teresa Court
CUP and Variance: 765 Richpond Rockfield Road
CUP: 1526 Fairview Boiling Springs Road
March 14, 201903-14-2019Waiver - 502 Perry Martin Road
CUP - Glen Lily Road
February 14, 201902-14-20192-14-2019Variance: 428 Dishman Lane
Waiver: 491 Sylvia Court
January 10, 201901-10-201901-10-2019Variance: 715 Kenton Street
Conditional Use Permit: 4896 Smiths Grove-Scottsville Road
December 13, 201812-13-201812-13-2018Conditional Use Permit: 1225 Huron Way
Conditional Use Permit: 1351 Slim Island Road
Conditional Use Permit: 1117 1/2 A Kentucky Street
Variance: 2492 Ewing Ford Road
October 11, 201810-11-1810-11-2018Waiver: 602 Plum Springs Road
Variance: 1843 Old Zion Church Road
September 13, 201809-13-1809-13-18Conditional Use Permit: 0 & 600 Woodburn-Allen Springs Rd.
Variance: 1480 Shaker Mill Rd.
Waiver: 535 Three Springs Rd.
August 9, 201808-09-1808-09-18Variance: Skees Road
Variance/Waiver: 854 Lain Court
Variance: 1603 US 31W Bypass
Conditional Use Permit & Waiver: 8500 Nashville Rd.
Conditional Use Permit & Variance: 1289 Clay St.
June 14, 201806-14-1806-14-18Variance: 330 E. 10th Avenue
Conditional Use Permit: 1423 Scottsville Road
Conditional Use Permit & Variance: 2520 Russellville Road
May 10, 201805-10-1805-10-18Variance: 141 Old Greenville Road
Variance: 418 & 442 Three Springs Road
Variance: 112 State Street
Variance: Foster Alley & East 14th Avenue
Variance: Cumberland Trace Road
Conditional Use Permit: 6567 Nashville Road
Conditional Use Permit: 1423 Scottsville Road
April 12, 201804-12-1804-12-18
March 8, 201803-08-1803-08-18Conditional Use Permit & Variance: Three Springs Rd.
Conditional Use Permit: 1740 Normal St.
Variance: 293 New Cut Rd.
February 8, 201802-08-1802-08-18Variance: 1289 Plum Springs Road
Conditional Use Permit: 424 Wayne Street (Smiths Grove)
Conditional Use Permit: 1500 Parkside Drive
Conditional Use Permit: 369 Hill Road


The City-County Board of Adjustments includes seven citizen members for four year staggered terms. The Mayor of Bowling Green appoints four members, and the Warren County Judge-Executive appoints three members. The current membership includes:

Mike Davenport


Warren County

Dr. John Fitts

Vice Chair

Bowling Green

Courtlann Atkinson

Bowling Green

Lloyd Ferguson

Bowling Green

Danny Howell

Warren County

Jim Lockwood

Warren County

Elaine Smith Price

Bowling Green

Hoy Hodges, Attorney