Spring 2021 Newsletter

When the pandemic first began more than a year ago, everything was thrown into chaos and the only thing we knew is that we didn’t know how life would be affected. After examining this same topic in the spring of last year, it’s an interesting retrospect to see what’s still changed, what’s returned back to normal, and what possibly never stopped. One thing that hasn’t changed is people’s activity. Driving around the streets, it just seems more people are out and about and trying to stay active and get glimpses of social connection. Cycling itself has been a key medium in that shift, even in Bowling Green.


According to references from this New York Times article, cities that have added temporary bike lanes saw bike traffic increase by 48% on average, with larger and denser communities that rely more on public transit seeing the largest increases, while smaller and more sprawling communities saw increases, but more modest. Is it a “chicken or the egg” situation? If you build more infrastructure, will it induce demand, or does it take potential users in the community first?


Regardless, BikeWalkBG in partnership with local agencies has made great headway in making sure the infrastructure is there where it’s practical and feasible. The Jennings Creek Greenway has finished construction and is “officially” opening May 1 with a ribbon-cutting and celebration. Construction draws nearer on new greenways paths on the West End via grant money in partnership with the City. New grants are being considered for projects along Veterans Memorial Lane and toward Warren Central High School. There’s been a lot of positive development on the bike-ped front and there is hope that more connections can continue in the near future.