NewsSummer 2021 Newsletter

Air Taxis by 2024!?!? Bloomberg News | We’ve talked a bit about the future of transportation with autonomous cars and delivery drones, but now we’re thinking about air taxis! The air taxis certainly wouldn’t make their debut in Bowling Green, but you could use them in the places you travel….maybe even by 2024?! The company, Joby, “estimates its vehicles operate at about a quarter of the cost of conventional helicopters.”


Poor Curb Management Is Costing Cities Billions Planning Magazine’s series “The Billion Dollar Curb” unpacks how as a nation, we’ve undervalued our curbs for decades and mismanaged public parking. The curb is a valuable asset to our downtowns and Planning seeks to educate us on how we can be better stewards of our public spaces.


Transforming Highways into Greenspace | Atlanta’s efforts to turn interstates into greenspace may see a hopeful future. “‘The concept is showing signs of renewed interest—and possible viability.’ To move the project forward, ‘the Atlanta City Council voted to move forward in applying for a $1 million federal grant that would help fund a study for implementing the Stitch, which advocates say would effectively weave interstate-bisected parts of downtown back together.'”