NewsWinter 2022 Newsletter

The tornado that devastated our community on December 11, 2021 damaged or destroyed some large swaths of our community, both old and new. The community did not hesitate to spring into action to assist in so many different ways and the response has been inspiring on many levels. Staff in our office assisted in search and rescue, recovery, damage assessment and supporting other federal, state, and local government staff. Part of this support included generating damage assessment maps. These maps were originally created for internal use to define the tornado damage path, analyze who and what was in the path, and to track structure damage assessment progress. Staff quickly realized that the information gathered was also useful for the public, so we made it a point to make it all available. Currently there are three maps. One focusing on aerial photograph with a slider that show pre and post damage. Another focuses on the progress of damage assessment. There is also a map that shows the primary damage path with the 2020 Census data (needs updated). The maps are still a work in progress as damage assessment continues and more data becomes available and we continue to find ways to display the information in better formats. They are available here:

Dashboard: Damage Assessment – ATC-45 Detailed Survey Progress

Real time updates from the Neighborhood and Community Services survey teams ongoing assessments. The detailed records of each survey may be inspected by clicking on the filled in parcel on the embedded map. In the event multiple surveys were completed for a parcel (ex. apartment buildings) the pop-up will be paginated with a separate record for each completed form.

Tiles at the bottom of the dashboard reflect totals by residence type including:

  • Total number of detailed surveys completed.
  • Total estimated footprint area assessed.
  • Total estimated damage value.
Swipe App: Tornado Path & Damage Aerials

Imagery of Warren County from March 2021 overlaid with the NOAA Damage Assessment Toolkit containing the tornado track, polygon of estimated damage path, and surveys performed by NWS survey teams. Swipe the slider to replace the damage path with imagery taken after the storm.


Web App: Damage Assessment Map

Initial map created to visualize location of written damage assessment forms and aid in planning process for detailed assessment.


Web App: Tornado Path Demographics (update in progress)

Estimated Warren County population effected by path of the December 11, 2021 tornado. Data is derived from 2020 US Census blocks. Boundaries were created by Warren County and City of Bowling Green staff conducting damage assessment.