NewsWinter 2022 Newsletter

As cleanup of areas continue, the community now begins thinking about rebuilding.  Part of that is repairing structures that are repairable, and part will be replacing structures that were destroyed.  Many of the older or historic structures were “grandfathered in” or had legally existing non-conformities. What this means is that if a structure becomes more than 51% damaged or destroyed, then what is built back must come into full compliance with all codes and ordinances. However, there is a timeframe allowed for involuntary destruction, by tornado for example, where a property owner may build back a structure that was up to 100% destroyed. Structures damaged or destroyed by the tornado have up to 24 months to rebuild the footprint back as it was prior to the storm. Repairs back to what was existing will likely not need any approvals from our office, but a building permit from the city or county will still be required. If changes are desired to the footprint and/or site layout, then the property may have to come into compliance with all current zoning laws and regulations. Each circumstance will be different based on location, zone and type of desired changes. Our staff will be happy to assist in figuring out the result that best accommodates your needs in the most expeditious manner possible. Please call us at any time if you have any questions for us. We want you back up and in business, or in your home as soon as possible.