NewsSpring 2019 Newsletter

The Planning Commission has staffed the Cemetery Board since the board’s creation in 2004. The board is tasked with facilitating cemetery grants from the state, when available, as well as assisting in the preservation and documentation of cemeteries within Warren County. As part of this effort, the Planning Commission not only maps the locations of cemeteries, but also visits them to document and photograph the burials located there.  The Planning Commission also houses records about cemeteries within Warren County and shares that information with the Special Collection Library at WKU, as well as ancestors looking for old family burial grounds. Old family cemeteries are an important aspect of Warren County’s cultural history and the Focus 2030 Comprehensive Plan states these features should be preserved and protected. To date, over 400 cemeteries have been located within Warren County and the staff plans to continue to visit and document them, to ensure their preservation. If you have any questions or concerns about cemeteries in Warren County, please contact us.