Housing & Neighborhoods Element

The videos below give an overview of the Housing & Neighborhoods Element of the comprehensive plan and a discussion panel and public forum on housing held on September 19, 2022. A link to the plan element and other resources is provided near the bottom of this page.

This video contains a brief summary of housing challenges in our community and an overview of the goal and objectives found in the Housing & Neighborhood Element of our comprehensive plan.

This video is a recording of the Focus 2030 Comprehensive Plan Session 8 Housing Forum as part of the 2022 update. It contains a discussion on various housing challenges our community is facing.

Discussion Panel Participants

Brent Childers – city Neighborhood & Community Services Director

Rodney Goodman – Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity

Gave Weaver – First Vice President of the Builders Association of South Central Kentucky

Angi Cline – President of the Realtors Association of Southern Kentucky

Panel Questions

What do you think is our biggest housing challenge?

What is the biggest barrier to increasing our housing supply and affordable housing supply?

What is something we can do to try and keep housing costs down?

Questions & Answers / Comments

Please email us at planninginfo@bgky.org with a subject of “Session 8” to submit a question or make a comment specific to Session 8.