Recommended changes have been posted for all Elements. See the recommended changes page here. Most of the proposed changes are to the Future Land Use element. See the Session 9 page for more information.  No changes are proposed to the focal point plans & corridor studies. The tentative adoption schedule has also been posted. Planning Commission approval occurred on November 17th.

The Comprehensive Plan is the community’s vision for how we would like to see all areas of Warren County grow and develop through the year 2030. Areas include the cities of Bowling Green, Oakland, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove and Woodburn and all of Warren County. It is the product of over five years of work by the community starting in 2008 until adoption in 2012. It is the officially adopted guide for actions and decisions on the use and development of land, the provision of governmental services and facilities, the planning of streets, highways and other modes of transportation, the planning of facilities including water, sewer, storm drainage, parks and open space. The current version of our comprehensive plan can be found here.
The plan generally has a 20 year time frame and it has been 10 years. It’s halftime people! It is time to take a thorough look at the plan contents, update statistics, analyze trends, and determine if any adjustments need to be made. While it is not anticipated that any major changes are needed, it is time to make our halftime adjustments to lead us into the next half. Oh, and state law mandates 5 year updates so we are taking care of that as well. It is anticipated that this process will take about a year and we are anticipating having 10 meetings / opportunities for public input pending available time, resources and participation. This is the opportune time to provide input into how you would like to see the community grow and have insight into the items in which land use decisions are based on! Sign up to receive updates or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.
General Session Format

A recorded presentation/video will be posted that consists of a review of a section of the plan. Video length will vary based on content and interest. Written comment via letters or email will be accepted at any time during this process all the way up and until adoption. Feel free to submit comments or questions and we will address these comments as soon as possible. Any meeting held will be documented and added to the appropriate session page. The exact details of each meeting may be adjusted as we adapt to available resources and pandemic protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I care about this?

As mentioned above, the Comprehensive Plan is a guide for how the community should grow and develop in at least the next 10 years. Every land use decision, especially zone changes, are based on the Goals, Objectives and Action Items found within the Comprehensive Plan. Arguments made for or against a development typically carry more weight when based on the items found in the plan. This is your opportunity to influence the plan and all subsequent decisions made based on the plan. For more information on the zone change process, please refer to the People’s Guide to Planning or the Planning Commission Handbook.


How will my input be used?

As with any process going through the Planning Commission, all public input will be provided to the decision makers. Your input will be considered along with all other input regarding any proposed changes to the plan. For more information on the approval process, please refer to the timeline to the right for tentative Public Hearing and Adoption schedule.


I can’t make the meeting I want to attend, can I still participate?

Yes! At any time up until the final public hearing and adoption you can contact our office using one of the methods below. All sessions will have a recorded presentation posted to our YouTube channel. If you have a question you would like answered we will address it as soon as possible. Likewise, if you have a comment or question after the meeting is over, just send it to us at any time and we will respond.


I have a question about a particular chapter or element, where can I find information?

Please click on the appropriate element session listed in the Timeline. There will be a frequently asked questions section for each session or plan element. Of course, you can always contact our office for help.


What is the approval process?

In general, if there ends up being no changes to the plan, then no approvals are necessary. It is very likely that there will be changes proposed. At the end of the public input process, there will be a public hearing before the Planning Commission where they will adopt plan changes. No legislative body approvals are necessary unless there are changes to the Goals & Objectives. However, it is likely that we will take the final version of the plan to each of the six legislative bodies for adoption. The actual approval process may evolve as the process matures and desires of the elected and appointed bodies are made known.


I have a group wishing to be involved, how do they participate?

Please contact us as soon as possible. We have identified several groups that will be notified and reminders sent out at each milestone. Groups we currently have on our list include: legislative body elected officials, Warren County Liaison Board, Metropolitan Planning Organization, public and private utilities, Warren County Public Schools, Bowling Green Independent Schools, Chamber of Commerce, Workforce Development, Realtors Association, Homebuilders Association, Homeless & Housing Coalition, Housing Authority, UK Cooperative Extension Service, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, NAACP, International Center, Landmark Association, Sierra Club, Western Kentucky University, Barren River Area Development District, and the Barren River District Health Department.

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November 2021

Session #1

Click here to go to the Session #1 page. This session has two videos. The first video is an introduction to the process, timeline and online resources available. The second video includes an overview of the Vision & Guiding Principles, an introduction to the Goals, Objectives & Action Items and an evaluation of the Implementation Action Plan. An in-person discussion forum is scheduled for Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 5:30 PM in the Capitol Arts Building.
December 2021

Session #2

Click here to go to the Session #2 page. This session includes a 2 hour video that provides an overview of statistics and trends in housing, land use, workforce, transportation and other areas that may influence our community’s future. Links to resources, articles and videos are also provided. Statistics and maps from 2010 are found in Appendix #1 of the Comprehensive Plan titled Community Assessment.
February 2022

Session #3

Click here to go to the Session #3 page. This session includes a review of the Economic Development Element of the Comp Plan.
July 2022

Session #4

Click here to go to the Session #4 page. This session includes an overview of the Natural & Cultural Resources element.
July 2022

Session #5

Click here to go to the Session #5 page. This session includes an overview of the Parks & Recreation element.
July 2022

Session #6

Click here to go to the Session #6 page. This session includes an overview of the Community Facilities element.
August 2022

Session #7

Click here to go to the Session #7 page. This session includes an overview of the Transportation element, the MPO, project funding, bicycle & pedestrian planning and a recording of a public forum held on August 22, 2022.
September 2022

Session #8

Click here to go to the Session #8 page. This session includes an overview of the Housing & Neighborhoods element and a recording of a public forum discussing some of the housing challenges our community faces.
October 2022

Session #9

Click here to go to the Session #9 page. This session includes an overview of the Future Land Use element and a video of a public meeting where proposed changes were outlined.
October 2022

Focal Point Plans & Corridor Studies

Click here to go to the Focal Point Plans & Corridor Studies page. Staff has reviewed our existing focal point plans and studies. No changes to the plans/studies or their policies are recommended at this time.
November 2022


Click here to go to the Recommendations page. This page includes all of the recommendations for changes to the Comprehensive Plan in 2022.
Late 2022 / Early 2023

Public Hearing & Adoption

Click here to go to the Public Hearing & Adoption page, and to see the remaining adoption schedule.
Spring 2023

Small Cities Focus

Click here to go to the Small Cities page. Our focus has now shifted to updating the plans for our four small cities Oakland, Plumb Springs, Smiths Grove, and Woodburn. We will review the areas within their city limits as well as their three-quarter of a mile areas of influence. These will be updated as we take the overall changes to these areas.