Transportation Element

See the videos below for an overview of the Transportation Element of the comprehensive plan and a recording of the in-person forum held on Monday, August 22, 2022. A link to the plan element is provided near the bottom of this page along with additional resources pertaining to this topic.

This 38 minute long recorded presentation gives an overview of the Transportation Element goals & objectives, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), how projects are funded and bicycle and pedestrian planning efforts.

This is a video of the 1.5 hour public forum on the Transportation Element of the Focus 2030 Comprehensive Plan held on the August 22, 2022. The questions asked of the panel are below. Additional discussions were held on agency responsibilities, MPO transportation coordination, current projects, and other topics.

Discussion Panel Participants

KYTC – Joe Plunk, District 3 Chief District Engineer

Warren County Public Works – Josh Moore, Director

City of Bowling Green – Melissa Cansler, City Engineer

Planning Commission MPO – Karissa Lemon, MPO Coordinator

Panel Questions

Potential conversation starter questions include:

What do you think is the biggest transportation challenge in our community?

If money was no object, what improvement would you make today?

What challenges do you think the future holds?

When a development is proposed, how do you determine traffic impacts and/or when to require a Traffic Impact Study?

Questions / Answers & Comments

Please email us at with a subject of “Session 7” to submit a question or make a comment specific to Session 7.