Economic Development Element Review

Watch the videos to be informed. The Economic Development Element in-person session was held on February 8, 2022 at 5:30 PM in the Capitol Arts building. The meeting format was a simple comment, question and answer input session. Ideas on any of the topics presented relating to the Economic Development element are welcome.

The video contains a review of the Goals, Objectives & Action items found in the Economic Development element along with thoughts and perspective from a variety of community members. Subjects discussed include recruiting targeted business, diversifying the economy, supporting small businesses, fostering startups & new entrepreneurs, agricultural economy, workforce, quality of life as talent attraction, utilities and infrastructure, opportunities for all, strengthening downtown, and coordination of efforts.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:36 Economic Development (ED) Statistics
0:03:50 ED Goal & Objective 1
0:07:31 ED-1 Interview Ron Bunch, Chamber of Commerce
0:19:51 Objective ED-2
0:21:18 ED-2 Interview Buddy Steen, WKU Research Foundation
0:36:12 ED Objective 3
0:38:27 ED-3 Interview Sabina Lewis, Avant-Garde Wealth
0:44:27 ED Objective 4 and 5
0:48:39 ED-4 Interview Jon Sowards, SOKY Workforce Develoment Board
0:58:52 ED Objective 6
0:59:33 ED-6 Interview Jeff Reed, SKYPAC
1:02:79 ED-6 Interview Sherry Murphy, BG Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
1:09:21 ED Objective 7
1:10:34 ED-7 Interview Mark Iverson, BGMU
1:23:41 ED-7 Interview John Dix, Warren County Water District
1:31:42 ED-7 Interview Dewayne McDonald, WRECC
1:40:45 ED Objective 8
1:41:26 ED-8 Interview Brent Childers & Leyda Becker, City of Bowling Green
1:58:12 ED Objective 9
1:59:24 ED-9 Interview Brent Childers & Telia Butler, City of Bowling Green
2:07:11 ED Objective 10
2:09:15 ED-10 Interview Ron Bunch, Chamber of Commerce
2:17:31 Conclusion

This video is a recording of the in person review session of the Session 3 Economic Development Element. Staff reviews the 10 objectives and takes questions about each one and answers general questions throughout the presentation.

00:00 Welcome
01:03 Christian Howard
04:51 ED Objective 1
8:34 ED Objective 2
11:25 ED Objective 3
17:41 ED Objective 4
26:48 ED Objective 5
30:57 ED Objective 6
34:45 ED Objective 7
43:04 ED Objective 8
48:07 ED Objective 9
52:40 ED Objective 10
55:23 Additional Q & A

Questions & Answers / Comments

Please email us at with a subject of “Session 3” to submit a question or make a comment specific to Session 3.