The following guides and documents are a collection of resources made available through a variety of means that may help in understanding planning and zoning.

A People’s Guide to Planning in Bowling Green, KY
This resource was created by the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth in consultation with Planning Commission staff. It gives an overview of planning, zoning, planning law, and outlines local planning processes and general plan implementation. There is a brief summary at the end. This guide is a great informational resource that provides insight into various aspects of this arm of local government. While focused on the City of Bowling Green, the information applies to all of Warren County.
Planning Commission Handbook
The Planning Commission Handbook was put together by Planning Commission staff as part of the orientation process for new Planning Commissioners. It provides a more in-depth dive into planning commission duties and processes. Subject matter includes roles and activities of the Planning Commission, an introduction to planning in Kentucky, implementing and administering regulations, conducting public hearings & meetings, what goes into the decision-making processes, staff report contents and the zone change processes. Four appendices are also included which are also provided separately below.
Citizen’s Guide To Future Land Use Mapping
This guide is a deep dive into what goes in to creation of a Future Land Use Map (FLUM). The introduction state that after reading the guide you will: know what a future land use map is, recognize the information and techniques used to develop a preferred FLUM, understand how the public can be involved, and learn how to use the FLUM for effective decision making. While this guide has a national focus, the general principles found within this document apply to our Future Land Use Map and it’s importance in decision making processes.
Just What Is the Job of a Planning Commissioner?
This article provides a nation-wide prospective on the thoughts and decisions that planning commissioner’s face. Headings include key terms and phrases such as: biases, make the right decision, effective planning commissioner, consensus-builders, leadership, respect, rules, ethics and several other topics. It gives insights on the long term aspect and lasting impacts of the decisions being made.
Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 100
Governing statutes for planning and zoning in Kentucky. These are the laws that provides the framework for the creation and operation of planning and zoning in the state.
Planning Commission Joint Agreement
Inter-local agreement between Warren County and it’s five incorporated cities that creates and governs the Planning Commission organization and boards.
Planning Commission By-Laws
Defines the parameters of membership, officers, committees, meetings, voting quorums, business, employees, operations and financials.
Zoning Ordinance
Local regulations governing the development and use of land in Warren County.
Subdivision Regulations
Local regulations governing platting subdivision of land and construction of new public infrastructure (roads, drainage, etc.).