Spring 2021 Newsletter

As the new year rolls on and we start the beginning stages of putting the pandemic behind us, some things in development change and some things stay the same. Despite total numbers of zone changes being somewhat consistent, the number of single and multi-family lots approved is down from previous quarters, even when comparing past years. Part of that is likely cyclical and part of it is due to obvious challenges the entire world is working through.

Still, total construction hasn’t slowed down. The number of building permits reviewed has blown the last few years of Q1 out of the water and reached totals we haven’t topped since 2016, with development plans up as well. Construction inspections are not slowing down either, as several large-scale developments roll on across the county. So while we see small dips in some metrics, it’s yet to trickle down as strongly to current construction in our community.

Quarterly Numbers


2020 Q1 Total
Jan – Mar   City
Jan – Mar   County
Planning Services
Single Family Lots Approved 187 80 107
Multi-Family Units Approved
280 280 0
Residential Zone Changes Approved 14 6 8
Commercial/Industrial Zone Changes Approved 6 4 2
Plan Review Services
Building Permits Reviewed 680 329 351
Development Plans Reviewed 11 10 1
Plats Reviewed 48 13 35
Construction Services
Construction Plans Reviewed 145 62 83
Engineering Inspections 94 45 49
Code Enforcement
Zoning Complaints 32 18 14
Site Inspections 80 40 40
Notices of Violation 16 5 11
Citations 4 3 1
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Maps Created 116 41 75
Addresses Assigned 1,284 1,046 238
Parcels Drawn 1,459 289 1,170