NewsSpring 2022 Newsletter

The first quarter (January, February, and March) of many recent years tend to represent a slower period of development within the calendar year. Comparatively, it typically ranks last among the other three quarters.  However, for the year 2022, development and construction numbers were at an all-time high, outranking 2021’s first quarter by 20%.  The numbers even surpassed each of the previous year’s quarters.  The Bowling Green and the Warren County development community have recently been focusing on storm relief efforts.  A very large portion of the permits were related to demolition and storm-related rebuilds, accounting for nearly 15% of all permits.  However, even with those numbers removed from the overall development report, 2022 has far exceeded permitting of any other year in the last 8 years.


Site Development Plan approvals were on par with previous years totals.  A total of 4 subdivision approvals alone within the first quarter, as well as major industrial job announcements indicate a very busy construction schedule for the spring and following seasons.  The community will most likely be seeing storm damage related permits for the next several months.  But, new construction for single family and multi-family related residences will be in high demand as the housing market continues to remain steady.  Permit types have increased significantly in each category from major commercial and industrial projects to small contractor jobs.


(January – March, 2021)

Planning Services
Single Family Lots Approved 794 156 638
Multi-Family Units Approved 108 4 104
Residential Zone Changes Approved 11 3 8
Commercial/Industrial Zone Changes Approved 3 1 2
Plan Review Services
Building Permits Reviewed 856 430 426
Development Plans Reviewed 8 5 3
Plats Reviewed 63 18 45
Construction Services
Construction Plans Reviewed 13 3 10
Engineering Inspections 248 51 197
Code Enforcement
Zoning Complaints 71 35 36
Site Inspections 122 59 63
Notices of Violation 26 17 9
Citations 11 6 5
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Maps Created 161 79 82
Addresses Assigned 968 637 331
Parcels Drawn 1,604 572 1,032