NewsSpring 2020 Newsletter

The first few months of 2020 have been busy, with activity in most categories higher than the previous quarter. Subdivision approvals, reviewed construction plans, and permit review numbers are all on the rise, with subdivision approvals and permit review numbers even higher than when compared with 2019’s year-to-date numbers. Code enforcement activity is also on the rise, with complaints, inspections and notices of violation all having higher totals than the previous quarter. The number of maps created has also increased since the previous quarter, partially due to an increase in requests from businesses and restaurants offering delivery service for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of approved zone changes is down slightly, by 2. It is worth noting that two rezoning applications were unable to be heard in March due to a meeting cancellation, also a result of COVID-19. Engineering inspections are also gradually trending downward, but remain steady.

Quarterly Numbers

2020 Total
Jan. – March   City
Jan. – March   County
Single Family Lots Approved 71 0 71
Multi-Family Units Approved 168 48 120
Zone Changes Approved 10 4 6
Detailed Development Plans Approved 0 0 0
Subdivision Approvals 62 23 39
Subdivision Construction
Construction Plans Reviewed 9 5 4
Engineering Inspections 426 186 240
Code Enforcement
Zoning Complaints 52 27 25
Site Inspections 165 94 71
Notices of Violation 22 12 10
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Maps Created 143 92 51
Addresses Assigned 561 366 195
Parcels Drawn 1,767 294 1,473
Plan Review Services
Building Permits Reviewed 453 185 268