Fall 2020 NewsletterNews

The Bowling Green-Warren County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) recently approved the final draft of the community’s long-range transportation plan, the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). The MTP guides the planning efforts for local leaders in prioritizing transportation projects (roadway, bicycle/pedestrian, and transit), while identifying existing and proposed transportation facilities and services necessary to meet the needs of the community by the year 2045. The Plan breaks out recommended projects into short- and long-range transportation projects spanning through the year 2045. While most of these projects are projects on state-maintained roads, several projects on the list include City and County roadways. Over the next 25 years, the MPO recognizes our community will continue to grow and the needs and desires of our community members will grow and adapt to changing preferences and circumstances. The projects and focus areas listed within the Plan do not ensure construction, but provide a framework to help guide funding priorities to what we can expect the needs to be from our current perspective. Specific project design and other phases are not part of this Plan; project specifics are determined once a project receives funding. To read the full document or learn more about the 2045 MTP, please visit our website.