NewsWinter 2022 Newsletter

Though we’re in the thick of our coldest months of the year, BikeWalkBG is starting to think about warmer days ahead and all the ways we can encourage Bowling Green to get out and enjoy our parks and greenways. It’s been a long-time in the making due to challenges incurred from the pandemic, then the tornado halting training, but we’re happy to share that we’ll be offering basic bicycle mechanic services periodically at various locations throughout the community. Thanks to our friends at Howard’s Cycling & Fitness, several volunteers have been trained to provide basic maintenance on bicycles from kids to adults. While we don’t have a schedule for what or when these services will be offered, we’re excited about expanding our reach into the community and growing our Mobile Bike Program. If you’re interested in volunteering to provide bicycle education to kids and adults, please reach out to


While activities and events are beginning to be on the radar for BikeWalkBG, staff is working to update the community’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan. This Plan will lay the framework for how our bicycle and pedestrian network may develop into the future, outlining priorities for future trails, focus areas, and funding alternatives. A public input opportunity will be offered later in the spring; stay tuned to our newsletters and social media for updates.