Update: The Planning Commission recommended the zone changes for all of the neighborhoods on 5/19/2022. The accessory apartment proposal for Nutwood-Magnolia was removed from consideration. The zone change and architectural overlay remained part of the recommendation.


The tornadoes that came thorough the community on December 11, 2021 caused major damage to over 500 structures, most of which were single family homes in established neighborhoods. As our staff and city staff analyzed the damage it was discovered that approximately five of our neighborhood’s existing zoning did not match the existing single family character of the neighborhoods. This left homes is these areas susceptible to being converted from single family to multi-family units at a more rapid pace than usual due to the damage. It has been expressed by many citizens and elected officials that this is not a desired outcome.
In order to protect the integrity and character of certain single family neighborhoods within the City of Bowling Green the City Commission directed the Neighborhood Services Department and the City-County Planning Commission of Warren County to suspend processing of any Zoning Map Amendments where the application would result in a change from a single family zone to a multi-family zone and deny any building permit that would change the previous use from a single family home to a multi-family unit.
These actions were put into motion until a desired solution could be discussed with the residents of these neighborhoods which could result in rezoning of the neighborhoods to a single family zone. Here is where we are as of 6/6/2022.
Timeline for adopted changes

April 19th – Whispering Hills, Briarwood, Covington/Wakefield meeting – Calvary Baptist Church sanctuary @ 5:30pm

April 26th – Nutwood / Magnolia Neighborhood meeting – Crossland Community Church Fortify Room @ 5:30pm (entrance behind building, back of old Ace Hardware)

April/May – make any needed changes to the draft

May 3rd – Planning Commission advertising deadline

May 19th – Planning Commission public hearing and vote (recommendation to the City Commission)

June 21st – City Commission 1st reading

July 19th – City Commission 2nd reading & final adoption

July 31st – Moratorium expires

Related Comprehensive Plan Goals, Objectives & Action Items

Objective LU-1.1: Upon Plan adoption, utilize the Future Land Use Map to guide decision-making regarding land uses and development proposals.

Action LU-1.1.1: The Future Land Use Map shall be used to determine the consistency which exists between future land use and development proposals.

Objective LU-2.5: Stabilize and protect Bowling Green’s older neighborhoods.

Action LU-2.5.2: Prepare guidelines to ensure the compatibility of infill development, particularly next to historic structures and sites.

Action LU-2.5.6: Revisit and, as necessary, adjust zoning in neighborhoods which are predominantly single family, but designated for multi-family use.

Objective HN-1: Promote the development of infill sites with existing urban services and suitable redevelopment projects that maintain or improve existing character, development patterns and urban design.

Objective HN-3: Protect, revitalize or redevelop older residential neighborhoods while protecting and enhancing newer residential neighborhoods.

Action HN-3.6: Revisit and, as necessary, adjust zoning in neighborhoods which are predominately single family, but designated for multi-family use. Characteristics of existing zoning designations that may need to be adjusted could include, but are not limited to: (a) failure to protect the primarily single-family neighborhood from more intensive development; and/or (b) failure to promote new residential development that is sensitive in scale, form, and density to the established neighborhood character.