Fall 2018 Newsletter

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 3

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) District 3 area has been bustling with many projects improving roads throughout Warren County and the rest of the district. Resurfacing projects on KY 884 (Three Springs Road) and KY 2926 (Old Scottsville Road) were recently completed. A resurfacing project on US 231 (Morgantown Road) between Russellville Road and Veterans Memorial is expected to begin in the coming weeks.  A large section of Interstate 65 is currently undergoing resurfacing from approximately the Oakland exit to north of the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway interchange (mile marker 44). With the repaving of nearly 9 miles of I-65 in both directions, lane closures have been intermittent through the nights. The I-65 resurfacing project is expected to be completed in late November.

In addition to the major resurfacing project, the KYTC is committed to making current road surfacing last longer. Preventive Maintenance projects are a great way of doing this. Warren County has seen two of these projects in the last several months. A thin asphalt overlay project was used on the entire section of KY 884 (Lovers Lane) between US 231 (Scottsville Road) and KY 234 (Cemetery Road). The entire corridor of the five-lane roadway along with the shoulders were included in this preventive maintenance project. A Cape Seal project was recently completed on KY 101 beginning at US 31-W to the Edmonson County line. This type of project consists of putting a thin asphalt overlay over chip seal to extend the life of the current pavement.

The William H. Natcher Parkway is still undergoing major improvements and upgrades from US 31-W to US 68. The project includes widening the bridge over the railroad tracks to extend the on-ramp tapers from US 31-W to Natcher Parkway northbound. Other ramp tapers are also being extended in addition to a new bridge overlay on bridges over US 31-W and US 68. Retrofits to the bridge walls are also taking place, as well as some added guardrail. These improvements not only make the roadway safer and more efficient, but meet the Federal requirements for the Natcher Parkway to become an interstate spur.

A recent agreement with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) was reached on the signing of the Natcher Parkway to become I-165.  Because of the current investment the KYTC is making in upgrading the entire corridor of the Natcher Parkway and the commitment to upgrade the old toll plaza interchanges, the new agreement with the FHWA allows the KYTC to sign the Natcher Parkway as I-165 beginning in January of 2019. The volume and extent of signage needed for this project will take approximately six-months to one year to complete. However, motorists will see some temporary signage being put up in early 2019.

City of Bowling Green Road Updates

The second phase of Smallhouse Road, which includes widening to 3 lanes from Highland Way to Ridgecrest Way as well as an 8 foot multi-use path on one side of the roadway, began in August. The contractor is currently relocating the water line and installing storm sewer to prepare for the roadway expansion.


The City’s Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Paving contract has been awarded.  The contract includes paving approximately 18 miles of city streets, various roadway repairs and upgrades to numerous sidewalk handicap ramps. The work will begin later this fall and is scheduled to be completed in spring of 2019.


Survey work has begun on the proposed traffic signal at Dishman Lane and Industrial Drive. The installation will help improve traffic congestion and safety at this location; construction in planned for spring of 2019.  Additionally, work has begun on adjacent storm and roadway improvements along Industrial Drive between Dishman Lane and Modern Way to address standing water and access management needs.

The City has completed design plans for improvements to and around the Downtown Fountain Square.  Improvements include upgrades to pedestrian movement adjacent to the square as well as lighting and aesthetic improvements to sidewalks and alleys near the downtown.  Construction is planned to commence later this fall.


Sidewalk construction along Warren Way continues and is expected to be completed this fall. Construction bids were recently received for new sidewalk along sections of Park Street, Kenton Street, Magnolia Street, and North Lee Drive. However, the bids were rejected due to being over budget. As a result these projects will be rebid in early 2019. Once complete, these projects combined will add approximately 8,700 feet to the City’s sidewalk network.

The Public Works Department continues to work with the City’s Neighborhood & Community Services Department to provide better connections through Census Tract 112 in the west end of Bowling Green. Some of these improvements will be along portions of: North Lee Drive, Crewdson Drive, North Sunrise Drive, Woodway Street, Cove Drive, and Old Barren River Road. Final design was recently completed for these locations and the project is now moving into the property acquisition phase. Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2019. This sidewalk project coincides with a Transportation Improvement Program (TAP) grant awarded to the City in conjunction with the formerly established Greenways Commission (now the MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee). Design is underway for various improvements on the West End that focus on safe pedestrian and bicycle routes. The project(s) would provide connections between existing downtown greenways facilities, key destinations in the West End, and would ultimately improve problematic intersection crossings.


American Engineers was recently awarded the design contract for the Shive Lane Widening and Roundabout project. The goal of this project is to improve traffic and pedestrian safety by adding a center turn lane to Shive Lane between Scottsville Road and Ken Bale Boulevard. Additionally, construction of a single lane roundabout is proposed at the intersection with Ken Bale Boulevard to reduce morning and afternoon peak delays. A five-foot wide sidewalk is also proposed along the north side of Shive Lane for the entire length of the project. Final design is scheduled to be completed later this year with construction expected to start in spring of 2019.


With the recent success of the roundabout at University Boulevard and the US 31W Bypass, City staff has evaluated locations where traffic flow could be improved with the installation of small roundabouts in residential areas. Based on this evaluation, the City recently awarded a contract to Cannon & Cannon for the design of mini-roundabouts at the intersections of Parkside Drive / Cove Drive, North Sunrise Drive / Woodway Street / Cove Drive, and Crossings Boulevard / Chasefield Avenue. Given the constraints at these locations, it is anticipated these roundabouts will incorporate mountable splitter and central islands in order to accommodate buses and large trucks. Design will begin this fall with construction scheduled to begin in spring of 2019.